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Things to Do on New Year 2019 Eve

Celebrating New Year 2019 is one of the happiest events of everybody’s life. As a matter of fact, New Year is thought of as the festivity the occasions in all that’s usually celebrated on this earth. Because people celebrated the coming of another year to come bidding goodbye for the year, Naturally, New Year is anticipating occasion. This is a memorable event you have to be waiting to observe. You plan for this occasion just for a set of activities. If you are out of ideas about this new year then check out these best Things to Do on New Year 2019.

Furthermore, your family and you are to where you may spend your New Year’s holiday eager. But did you understand? Not every country in the world celebrates New Year on January 1. Not everyone follows the calendar. Is not it fascinating to know? You may wonder how this country celebrates New Year 2019 with their traditions. Here are some awesome things to Do on New Year 2019.

There is the country that celebrated New Year 2019 with their own traditions. Like for instance, countries like Israel, India, and China have their own calendar at the exact same time they enjoy New Year at a time that is different and which they follow. Needless to say, through Chinese New Year with complete fireworks, China celebrates through their customs and eating foods in addition to their cuisine. Apart from that, it was celebrated by them with their loved ones and gather to celebrate.

Things to Do on New Year 2019 Eve

Some countries will celebrate New Year in the spring. Other cases upon cultural traditions of a nation which celebrate New Year such as in Australia, where Australian create a cacophony with the use of rattles and whistles.


So, reader, if you are looking for ways to celebrate your new years, then you can go for sweet parties. Here is what you can do.

1. A rooftop party

If you want to throw a party for your people then you can look for a beautiful roof, decorate it with lights, have a bonfire setup and get delectable food. Your guests will be so impressed. The best is that not many efforts will be required. This is what I did, and people are still talking about it.

2. A disco party

Do you have a hall where your friends and family can gather together to dance away the ending of the year? If yes, then you are lucky my friend. Just get disco lights, good speakers, and not to forget, some fantastic music. After this, you will have a fantastic evening which you will remember forever. Check our Happy New Year 2019 Party Ideas.

3. Elegant dinner party

Not everyone has a taste for parties, loud music, or in-house informal parties. Sometimes people like to have a nice dinner with only limited people in a quiet place. Well, if that’s the case with you, then I suggest that you go to a nice restaurant where you will find an ambiance of your choice. Have gourmet food while drinking red wine and every worry will fade with time.


You must have heard of parties where people get their own alcohol but have you heard of parties where people get their own food? Sounds fun, right? Well, you can have this party where people can chip in to get one dish each. This way nobody will have to worry about food, and you will have a lot of variety as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Go prep for a BYOF party already!

So, these were some types of party that you can try if you have more ideas then do share those too with me. Before I go, I want to discuss one more thing with you, and that is advance happy new year 2019 images and WhatsApp status. You can also make use of images and statues to wish your family and friends. They would feel special. Imagine a message waiting for them as they slide through their mobiles. How excited and surprised would they be?

So, before I go, promise me that you would do something special this new year and leave a memory behind to cherish forever. It would be like a little gift from yourself to yourself. Hope you liked this article regarding best Things to Do on New Year 2019. If you need any help or want to share your suggestions then comment below.